The Human Aquarium, a new project starting in 2018 taking Yorkshire Life Aquatic into new territory.
We are very concerned with what is happening in our oceans and the plight of the cetacean creatures (such as orcas, dolphins) within it.
This project follows on from Planet Mermaid: an installation that was part of Planetine Exhibition at Leeds Corn Exchange in 2015, that highlighted the damage plastics are doing to marine life.

The Human Aquarium will focus on what is happening to marine animals kept in captivity by using art, performance, and ‘mermaids’ to illustrate this. We are inspired to take action for many reasons, including issues highlighted by films such as:   Black Fish, The Cove and the Blue Planet. As mermaids, we want to help raise awareness for our fellow ‘sea dwellers’. The project will incorporate multiple arts forms and use creative activism to create immersive installations and performances over the next few years.

We are consulting with international organisations and experts including:
The Dolphin Project
World Cetacean Alliance
The Born Free Foundation
One thing you can do is to make a PLEDGE TODAY to not go to a show featuring sea mammals
Click here to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Yorkshire Life Aquatic’s current project is ‘The Human Aquarium’ iand we are proud to be partnered with The World Cetacean Alliance and Plastic-Free Me, working together to help cetaceans and our environment. The exhibition takes place February 15th-28th at St John’s Centre in Leeds City Centre. If you would like to find out how you could support us. Please contact for more details.

Project created by Yorkshire Life Aquatic C.I.C. (2016)
Twitter @HumanAquariumUK

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